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It isn't easy to be a leader who breaks the mold--

but we can make it way simpler.

Learn straightforward science-based systems to help you regulate your mind, body, and emotions, at home and at work.

Does your work life look like this?

  • Productive attitude
  • High caliber work
  • Good work culture
  • Purpose-driven approach

...and yet...

  • Lots of turnover
  • Sudden illness or burnout
  • Project issues and delays
  • Low diversity or morale

It might seem “just the way it is,” but it doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

The truth is that great teams are only 30% found and 70% made.

Break the glass ceiling

by learning critical leadership skills.

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Grow Mighty Inside

  • Increase energy day to day
  • ID and address burnout early
  • Set and defence better boundaries
  • Reduce stress & stressors
  • Navigate change with grace
  • Develop strong habits
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Grow Mighty Outside

  • Set clear expectations
  • Onboard staff and clients well
  • Lead amazing meetings
  • Develop clear communication
  • Meet deadlines every time
  • Refine processes and systems

The mightiest tree is only as strong as the roots that support it.

We're here to help you build strong supports and habits.

Turn what holds you back into your superpower

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Bite-Sized Learning

'Cuz ain't nobody got time for another long course.

  • Done in just an hour or two
  • Workshop them in real life
  • Easy to absorb concepts
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Easy Access Subscriptions

Cheap enough to be a no-brainer.

  • Subscribe solo or equip your whole team affordably
  • Set it and forget it or buy as you need 'em
  • Add or subtract users as you need to
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Simplify Current Research

Practical systems to make your life simpler

  • Trauma-informed and empathy-driven
  • Distilled through intersectional lenses
  • Neurodivergence-friendly

The problems are obvious. The solutions? Not so much.


of Canadians reported being burned out in 2021.



of managers say they don’t have the influence or resources to make change for employees

Source: Microsoft WorkLab

We've got both know-how and practical experience.


years experience in conflict resolution, consulting,

and strategic planning.


small businesses in over 20 industries

Get the level of access that works for you.

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Thought Leader

Maximum support for large teams, those seeking one-on-one coaching, and organizations who want to subsidize building leadership skills for those with less means.

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Guided help for small teams, high-performing solopreneurs, and anyone seeking to

improve their team's

resilience and capacity.

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For solo humans

in leadership roles,

who need to get back

more time and energy

day to day.

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By and for diverse humans everywhere.


~ Neurodivergence ~

~ Disability & Chronic Illness ~

~ Queer/LGBTQIA+ ~

~ Nerds ~

...and those who love them.

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