Embrace your full potential as a confident and respected leader.

Digital mini-courses and other resources

designed for real humans

to build essential leadership skills

even in times of stress, upheaval, or chaos.

  • Neurodivergence, BIPOC, and chronic-illness friendly
  • Affordable plans from individuals up to teams of 30+
  • Flexible, real-life oriented, and focused on practical application
  • New content monthly, including mini courses, message templates, worksheets, and more

The world needs a new model for leadership,

and we're here to help you bring it to life.

These days, people need more out of work than just a good salary.

Together, let's create work norms that nurture real human beings, in all of our diverse glory.

Look under the surface at most workplaces, and you'll usually find a whitewashed culture of hidden chaos, quiet resentment, and tight-lipped misery.

Insanely high turnover and burnout levels speak for themselves: there's only so much toxic workplace culture people can take.

The good news is, most of us want the same things:

to belong, to have purpose, to feel safe, and to contribute to something bigger in a meaningful way.

Our mini courses teach you to hit deadlines and lead great meetings, but also to navigate burnout, reclaim rest, and reduce the stressful things in your life.

And because we know you're busy, we distil proven research into simple and practical systems you can usually learn in an hour.

Even better, we're here to help you take action and get through any friction that gets in your way.

Most people want to hire superstars.

But we believe the mightiest leaders are nurtured, not born.

We stand with leaders of all shapes and sizes:

Team Leaders

Not always sure if you're doing a good job? Get direct input on how and where to improve.

Business Owners

Want a build a solid, dependable team? Create a team culture that will empower and connect.

Unofficial Leaders

Always finding yourself in charge? Get new perspective on how to herd those cats with grace.

Service Workers

Lifting up underserved communitites? Access training designed by the people who get it.

Wondering if Grow Mighty Leaders Training is right for you?

Those we work best with are...

  • self-identifying as BIPOC, neurodivergent, disabled, chronic ill, and/or queer
  • none of the above but committed to diversity and inclusion
  • open-minded and self-aware
  • not afraid of hard work
  • willing to be uncomfortable to succeed

We probably won't get along if you...

  • love 'hustle culture' & forever being busy
  • prefer comfort over courage
  • don't like to take action or put in the work
  • feel averse to personal growth work
  • don't believe in accommodations for differently-abled team members

Which plan feels right for you?

Are you looking to reclaim more energy and time in your day, empower your team to succeed, or support diverse clients in building leadership skills?


$ 799


Up to 30 logins

Unlimited mini-course access

50+ digital resources

Unlimited group coaching*

1-on-1 coaching monthly*

New content added regularly



$ 299


Up to 15 logins

Unlimited mini-course access

50+ digital resources

Unlimited group coaching

Paid 1-on-1 coaching*

New content added regularly


$ 29


1 login

Unlimited mini-course access

50+ digital resources

Add-on group coaching*

Add-on 1-on-1 coaching*

New content added regularly

Team access is easy.

1. Create your primary account.

Start by registering the team leader as soon as you first confirm your subscription.

2. Send us a list of your people's emails.

Let us sort out the access details... just have your admin send us a list and we'll take care of the rest!

3. Give your team the go-ahead!

Each team member will receive an email with their own personal access link.

Send out a team email telling folks which course to start with, or pick specific courses for specific people as needed.

Based on the writings of experts...

...and refined for real life by humans of all kinds.

"Grow Mighty does so much of the work I never could make time for, keeps the momentum going, and makes me extra excited about the work I do."

Suzanne Harris

Web agency owner

I don't know where I'd be without Grow Mighty. Facing uncomfortable truths is never easy, but the self-care and self-love I've learned really help me be my best self, both at work and at home.

Dalton Walker


Get the FAQs

If you've got questions, we've got the answers.

Q: What topics does your leadership skill microtraining cover?

Courses and resources are divided into two categories. Each of them focuses on both building individual strengths and creating unity as a team.

Internal Mightiness, which is all about building resilience by reclaiming rest, reducing stressors, and creating purpose.


- How to improve your sleep

- Setting effective boundaries

- Pain-free inclusive hiring 101

External Mightiness, which is all about building capacity by setting clear expectations, creating consistent experiences, and being proactive in the moment.


- Leading great meetings

- Kicking off projects strong

- Difficult conversations 101

Plus, we have 2 new categories planned for the future: Inclusion and Mindset.

Q: How does a mini course work? How do all of them fit together?

Each mini-course is valuable on its own, but the more you do, the more they build on each other to create a rich tapestry of leadership tools at your disposal.

Each course consists of:

  • 1 intro video
  • 3-4 lesson videos
  • 1 workbook chapter to be messy and explore with
  • 1 playbook chapter to save & use for easy reference later

(Not everyone learns best from videos, so we've got written + audio versions of each lesson as well.)

The intention is to spend a little bit of time learning and a LOT of time putting it into practice in real life.

That's why we're working on providing expert group and one-on-one coaching, so you have like-minded leaders and lots of real-life perspective to support you.

Q: Can you buy courses individually?

Absolutely! You can buy individual mini-c$39 apiece, available by clicking this link. That said, we'd love you to consider subscribing. We make subscriptions ridiculously affordable by design, because meaningful change almost never happens overnight.

We'd much prefer to see people commit to working on these skills over a long period, with strong peers and supports by your side who've already been there and can help show you the way.

Q: How does my team access their individual logins for leadership skill training once I've registered?

You should receive a welcome email after registration with instructions. If you didn't, no worries! Just shoot support@growmightyleaders.com a quick email with "REGISTER" in the subject and a list of your team's full names and email addresses.

Q: How long does it take to complete a single mini-course?

We know you're busy, and we got you boo. You can get most mini-courses done in just an hour or two. You're in control... you can finish one a week, go on a binge, or pick specific topics as you need them.

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